Facebook iPhone app is great, and terrible

Facebook and my iPhone are two of my favorite things right now.  My iPhone almost never leaves my hand — and Facebook let’s me stay on top of so many things that I normally wouldn’t have time to pay attention to:  from Dune trivia to Callie’s creative photography.

But, when you mix your Facebook peanut butter with my iPhone chocolate you’re supposed to get something delicious.  This Reese’s Cup has a bad after-taste that I hope gets fixed soon…

The Facebook iPhone app is a nice app that I prefer to using facebook in Safari — but I run into problems daily.  Here’s a list of my top problems…

1) times in the feed are not accurate.  As I leave it running, I think it might be adding new items to he feed list — but not aging old items — rendering a bunch of random times that are worse than useless.
2) friend list displays blank after a bit of use.  Every few days I go into my friends list and it’s mostly blank — but I can scroll.  This requires me to “reboot my phone” — something I wished I never had to do.
3) each tab needs to update only after I look at it (and shake).   Come on — when I update one tab — send the extra 1000 bytes to update the other tabs I’m likely to look at next.
4) show more posts doesn’t work.   It seems to just repeat the last one over and over.
5) occassional crashes — enough said. 
6) doesn’t update “online” status correctly for people viewing in web browser.  Facebook chat definitely doesn’t work well.  People you chat with on a regular browser see strange status states for you.

Facebook — please fix these problems