When designing software — the little things matter a lot

In general, I think Vista gets a bad run in the press.  I’ve been running all of my computers on Vista since it first came out — and it’s really nice.  I know that I got lucky that I didn’t have any important software incompatabilities — but then again, I run a ton of software so I don’t think I got *that* lucky.

That said — today I got a great example of a bad design that should never have been allowed to ship.  It’s an example of someone really not thinking about me.  Or in Microsoft speak — I was definitely not feeling “empowered”, not realizing my potential, nor was I feeling the “magic of software.”

Today I had to defrag my hard drive.  Hey Vista — how long should that take?

Vista Defrag message does not value my time 😦

A few minutes — great.  A few hours — not so great.  Not knowing which — TERRIBLE!  I guess I’ll just come back in a little while and check.  Oops, still going.  I guess I’ll go to my son’s soccer game AND my daughter’s soccer game.  Oops, still going.  Should I just cancel all of the work I was planning on doing today?  Not sure…

No progress bar, no indication of what a “few hours” could really mean in the worst case…

Please, please fix this in Widows 7 — and let’s all remember that our user’s time is precious.

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