Ken MossKen Moss is a veteran of the tech industry with deep roots in eCommerce, Search and Applications.

Ken is the Vice President of Managed Marketplaces at eBay where he oversees the main interactions between buyers and sellers in the eBay Marketplace including:  checkout and payments, shipping, trust, feedback, returns and buyer protection.

Ken’s team at eBay is a globally distributed engineering organization.  He is based in Seattle and also is General Manager of eBay’s quickly growing presence in the Seattle area.

Prior to joining eBay, Ken spent 3 years at the startup CrowdEye where he returned to his roots of programming and, together with his wife Becca, he built a social search engine focused on Twitter.  Ken helped drive CrowdEye to have features that no other twitter search engine had at the time including:  CrowdEye Rank, ranking by relevance rather than just time, sentiment and location.  He was lucky enough to get to work on the full twitter firehose for over a year.

CrowdEye currently is a side project for Ken which is focused on running and improving the stock trading bot that Ken created at CrowdEye.  Yes — it actually does very well.

Before that, Ken spent 20 years and 4 days working at Microsoft.  He  worked primarily on Microsoft Excel, MSN and Search (now branded Bing).

Ken’s work on creating Pivot Tables in Excel is often so appreciated by people that use the feature, that some of them have literally asked to give him a hug.  His work in creating the Search team from scratch and leading the team to create a large scale search engine was really fun and challenging.  By leading the work on projects core to running giant data centers and web services very cheaply, his team helped create the foundation not just for Search, but also for Windows Azure.  He is fond of customer-driven and data-driven development projects — both large and small.



  1. Hi Ken — congrats on the eBay gig and would love to get together and learn more about your goals for the local office — Andy and I (Founders Co-op) would like to help out in any way we can.

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