September o’ change — I started at Microsoft 20 years ago TODAY

Fresh out of college, unable to find a good job in the field I loved (now called bioinformatics), I started as a Tester on Microsoft Excel on September 12, 1988.  I intended to stay for two years on this little career detour — but was having so much fun I stayed an extra 18 years :-).  Now, I officially have 3 more work days left to my Microsoft stint — and the very next day I will start working for myself incubating an idea as a freshly minted startup.

When you are still in school — each September brings huge change.  Funny thing is — since I timed my change on a major anniversary of my beginning — I still find myself tied to this academic-schedule-based September o’ change.


  1. Karen B - your cousin says:

    I still get excited at the beginning of September too. I also feel a little rush when overhearing people talk about “back to school shopping” or “office supplies”.

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