Rickey Henderson is a Hall-of-Famer

I am very happy to hear that Rickey Henderson just got elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on his first ballet with a definitive 94.8% of the vote 

I had the pleasure to watch Rickey as lead-off hitter for the New York Yankees from 1985-1989 and then for a brief stint for the Seattle Mariners in 2000.  The guy was amazing.  You wouldn’t want to show up to the park a minute late.  He would almost always start with a single — and then steal second — and then steal third.

The good guys would basically start with a 1 run lead before the game had even started.

The only time, it seemed, he wouldn’t start the game with a lead-off single is when he would start it with a lead-off homer.

It was great to watch someone with such great talent and results.  He wasn’t political, wasn’t polished, wasn’t great with the press — but boy could the guy hit and run.  He was a total sparkplug for the rest of the team.  All of that and he had a major league career that started in 1979 and lasted until 2003.

I’m happy to see someone get rewarded for his talent and the indisputable results he achieved.

Congrats to Rickey!