New on eBay — a logo?!?

eBay logo

I’m now in my 10th month as Vice President of Technology and Science at eBay heading up the Managed Marketplaces team.  I am also General Manager of the quickly growing eBay Seattle office.

I get so many questions about eBay from my friends and colleagues around the world that I decided I would start blogging again — on this site:

Today was a fun day at eBay, because after 17 years, we announced a brand new logo.

The logo is cool — but even cooler is what it represents.  To me it represents a lot.  It symbolizes how eBay is a totally revitalized company that is on a roll.  The service is quickly attracting new customers, providing great service, innovating groundbreaking new features, and is frankly — just getting started.  As a techie — it also symbolizes how, as a company, eBay totally gets globally distributed development and  is growing an amazing team in the Seattle area where I celebrated today.  My team is spread across many locations including:  San Jose, Seattle, Austin, Salt Lake City, India and China.  Being able to run a team super efficiently across those regions requires a lot of smarts in management and support from the company.  I’m excited that all of the ingredients are present right here…

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